If you have any useful links please let me know!

Beautiful Photochemistry Blog:

This is a very nice blog covering one article of relevance to photochemistry from a leading journal each week. Each entry is kept purposefully short, has an excellent diagram to explain the concepts and provides links to readers who are interested in finding out more. This is highly recommended site and is part of my weekly reading!

Prof P. V. Kamat Homepage:

Prof Kamat’s page has lots of nice information on light energy conversion (and a lot more on environmental chemistry besides) including some presentations and demonstrations.

Prof. N. J. Turro Homepage and Lecture Notes:

Made long before iTunesU and the idea of lecture videos on Youtube, this set of lectures (first link on this page) complements Turro’s classic bible of Photochemistry, Modern Molecular Photochemistry. While it is perhaps a bit hardcore on the fundamentals of organic photochemistry and light on contextualised applications, there’s no denying that they are done well. As well as linking the full video, each lecture has also kindly been broken up into sub sections. The videos require Real Player to play the .rm files (this can be downloaded for free at I also recommend, if you have an hour to spare, Turro’s other video linked on the page above: “Frontiers in Science: Light Meets Matter“.

Prof. J. C. (Tito) Scaiano

It is interesting to note that Turro also provides links to pdf files of Scaiano’s own photochemistry lecture course. Scaiano is one of the best known living photochemists, so this is a fantastic resource. He again concentrates on organic photochemistry, and has some useful instrumental considerations as well.

Glossary of Terms Used in Photochemistry:

A useful document from IUPAC that covers terms used in photochemistry with a simple definition. The link above provides a link to a large document (PDF, 173 pages), so use the search feature within the pdf!

Europoean Photochemistry Association:

The EPA is a Europe-wide association of photochemists which aims to promote the development of photochemistry and contacts between photochemists. Membership is €30/€15 and includes subscription to the RSC/EPA co-owned Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences (a really excellent journal). Their activities include an annual PhD prize for best PhD in photochemistry.

RSC Photochemistry Group:

This is a member’s interest group of the RSC so you need to be a member before you can join, and then it costs about €5 per year. While they are not a terribly active group, they do organise annual meetings for younger chemists (see the Forthcoming Events link in the link above)


Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences

This is a wonderful journal publishing high quality research on a broad range of topics. The themed issues (linked through journal homepage) covers various current topics as well as perspectives on notable photochemists.It is a relatively new journal, and was first published in 2002. It is published and co-owned by the RSC along with a number of professional societies, including the European Photochemistry Association. Membership of the EPA provides access to this journal.

Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology

This journal was started by Oxford photochemist Prof Richard Wayne in 1971 as the Journal of Photochemistry and now has three subsections covering a broad range of topics in photochemistry and photobiology:

Other journals with significant photochemistry content:

  • RSC’s new Energy and Environmental Science covers several topics related to photochemistry including solar energy
  • RSC’s great Chemical Society Reviews covers all topics but often has some useful reviews on photochemistry, including tutorial reviews which provide excellent overviews on a topic.
  • Coordination Chemistry Reviews provides excellent overview of inorganic photochemistry topics. (Science Direct Link)
  • Of course many of the leading journals (JACS, J Phys Chem, Chem. Comm., Nature Chemistry, Angewandte Chemistry) all provide cutting edge photochemistry research.

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